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    'When We Dead Awaken Writing As Re-Vision' by Adrienne Rich

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    This paper consists of Rich's attempts to alter the social boundaries imposed by the patriarchy throughout history through the introduction of a strong and intelligent woman capable of standing alone without falling victim to gender or social oppression. There are no other bibliographical sources listed.

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    the historical concept of patriarchy within the boundaries of contemporary society. In the authors opinion, the age-old gender molds are ripe for revamping and bringing into the present frame  of consciousness. No longer are women to be made to suffer through an oppressive existence simply because it is the right thing to do; rather, Rich paints a new  picture of a strong, intelligent woman who will not be coerced by the irrational expectations of an oppressive, patriarchal society. To say that  women have had to fight for their existence throughout history would be a gross understatement and one that would also be staunchly supported by the likes of Rich. Indeed,  the road to female freedom and self-expression has been paved with patriarchal intolerance and characteristic skepticism. That women have been forced to prove their worthiness within the stringent boundaries  of a male-dominated existence speaks volumes about the inherent fortitude that comprises the female spirit. Rich implies that the concept of feminism embodies a number of critical theories by  which to better address the various perspectives of interdisciplinary connection. As a means by which to establish a fundamental basis upon which the female gender could be perceived within  the myriad components of existence, the early feminist movement served to establish a semblance of organizational trends between and among the foundational elements of contemporary feminism.  One can gather from Richs When We Dead Awaken: Writing As Re-Vision that throughout society, patriarchy has been responsible for designing womens role in society; many of  these devices used in earlier centuries were related to religion. Certain scripture regularly challenged women to disprove that they were inferior-to not agree was heresy. When religion did 

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