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    This 11 page paper has brief outline suggestions for projects or papers suitable for international accounts students. Subjects include the future of Islamic banking in the west, international environmental accounting, terrorism and accounting, the impact of cartels on profits, the role of the internet for financial management, cultural differences in accounting of different countries, risk reduction for international financial transactions and different ways of managing pensions schemes. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    active feature of many Muslim countries however, as a basic tenet there is the requirement for the outlawing of riba, this is a term that means usury and interest. This  may appear to be contrary to many western banking principles, but it is a concept that is becoming of increasing importance to Muslims globally, if they want to purchase propriety,  and has additional applications outside of the Muslim culture. This is an area where there has been increased interest over the past fee decades, and with some Arabic  banks entering the EUI market and able to meet the EU banking requirements, this is an area of growing interest that both the Islamic community may find of value, commercial  and domestic customers, but also one which other banks currently operating need to increase their knowledge. Therefore this is likely to be of increasing important in the future, and understanding  the banking and its potential may help plan and adapt to a different competitive environment form a banking or business perspective. One problem with writing a dissertation such as  this is the way much information will need to originate form current Islamic banks, where results and details may not be as easy to obtain. However, with organisations such as  the Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance in London there is a good source of information specifically designed for a western audience (Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance, 2004). Using  this information there can be the description and understanding of Islamic banking developed and along with primary research using those who would want to make use of this form of  banking the future may be projected. 2. Should there be International Standard for Environmental Accounting? Environmental damage has become a major issue in the commercial world, especially for oil 

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