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    A Feasibility Study into Opening an Amusement Centre

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    This 18 page paper is a feasibility study into opening an amusement arcade. The writer looks at writing and using a questionnaire to ascertain what the potential customers want, and if there is a gap in the market. A proposal is developed using the 4 P’s, and the wider environment is examined with the use of a PEST analysis. The financial viability is laid out, including a break even analysis. The bibliography cites 9 sources.

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    it is this that gives the information required in order to develop a business to fit the market and meet customer demands. The first stage is to consider the market  as it exists and what is needed or wanted in the market. One method of undertaking this type of research is to use questionnaires to potential customers in the  area, these may be customers that use competing or substitute products, services or facilities as well as those who maybe attracted to the them. In this paper we are looking  at opening an amusement store in Bolton, UK. The first stage we will undertake ins the development and conducting of a questionnaire. 2. Questionnaire This need to  be designed to see people questions to ascertain if they are a potential customers, and then if they are, to gain insight into what they like or do not like  and what they want. 1. Do you use amusement arcades? Yes/No (delete as appropriate) If yes straight to go to question 3 2 What is the reason  for not using them (tick all that apply), o There are none locally o I do not like the atmosphere and the surroundings o They do not have the  type of amusements that I like o They do not have any additional facilities, such as food and drinks o I do not like amusements at all (go to question  X) 3 When was the last time you visited an amusement arcade. o Within the last week o Within the last month o Three months or less o More than  three months o Have never used one but would like to 4 Where was that Arcade?________________________________ 5. How often do you visit an arcade: o More than once a week o One 

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