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    A Marketing Case Study; Lucozade and Lara Croft

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    This 8 page paper considers the re-branding of the drink Lucozade. The writer looks at how association marketing was used to increase the market share of this drink by influencing the way the refreshment was perceived by potential consumers and by impacting on the decision making process. After considering the results of the marketing campaign the writer consider how the product should be marketed in the future. The bibliography cites 11 sources.

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    a boast to performance, or a drink that is used for those who are sick, to give them energy and aid recovery. It is the former image that is pushed  in the marketing, with the image of energy and vitality that is the focus of campaigns, rather than the later, as this may be seen as targeting the larger potential  audience in order to gain more substantial market share. When we consider the way that the drinks market has developed, with a greater interest in drinks that have more  properties than only being refreshing, such as a need to provide energy, it was really an opportunity waiting to be seized by a manufacturer of a drink such as Lucozade.  To increase market share further we need to look at the current marketing to see how it may b e maximised or changed. The increase demand for fitness products  has been one of the growth industries, and with an energy drink it may be seen as supporting sports, give energy for those who feel they need a boast, as  well as have an added perceived value. When we look more closely at the role of Lucozade energy then we can see it is only one of some different variations,  all of which may be seen as supporting the main theme of energy, for example Lucozade sport, in a different shaped bottle, and the slightly altered writing and seen in  of the label is still clearly a Lucozade drink, but a variation. This also supports the initial marketing idea of Lucozade energy. This was a re-branding activity, to try and  increase market share, the new image was not seen as alienating the original drinkers, where it was used as a drink for those convalescing, as the energy image would support 

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