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    A Policy Proposal Against Homosexual Parenting

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    This 7 page paper examines the gay parenting argument and provides a policy proposal against it. A specific proposal is implemented. The paper contains a thesis and policy recommendations. No bibliography.

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    gay marriage. This is something that is explicit and goes against any law that would condone gay relationships. Of course, that did not come to fruition, but along the same  lines can come a policy proposal in respect to the gay parenting issue only. While gay adoption can be easily changed, and gay adoption is not easy to accomplished anyway,  there is a bit more turbulence on the general parenting front. After all, some gay people were in heterosexual unions and have bio kids. They should of course be able  to see children made of such relationships and nothing in the proposal should prevent that from happening. At the same time, there can be sanctions to guard against gay parenting  by creating regulations that would at least make it very difficult for gay couples to produce offspring without enduring significant inconvenience or consequences. A policy proposal would encompass  the following to be implemented in the law: 1. There shall be no acceptance of two same sex parents in the school system for example and no official recognition of  gay families. 2. Only biological parents of offspring will have rights and the rights of the same sex spouse will remain nonexistent. 3. The acceptance of the gay lifestyle as  a choice should not be sanctioned in the classroom. 4. Whenever a child is produced or adopted, the government will make an effort to assure that the children are aware,  if at all possible, of their true mother and father. 5. Raising a child with two mothers or two fathers should be considered illegal. The steps needed to effect  the above will be to implement laws and policy in various U.S. state and federal institutions. For example, if there is a law at the state or federal level implemented 

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