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    This is a paper consisting of five pages that explores how to write a reaction paper based on B.F. Skinner's text incorporating utopian social concepts. There are no other sources listed in the bibliography.

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    writing on this subject might want to point out that there is only a scant semblance of a plot. Instead, Skinner--the scientist that he is, takes one on a journey  through a utopia and reveals what is occurring through use of characters and dialog. The plot is succinct. There are a handful of individuals who are provided a tour of  Walden Two and they find out just what Skinners utopia is like. Essentially, that is the plot, but it is designed to take the reader on a tour of Walden  Two so that they can see just what a utopia is like. The narrator of the work is purportedly a professor, not unlike Skinner, and one gets that sense that  everything is being told to them in a matter of fact way. In fact, at times, this narrative appears to be more akin to a nonfiction work. A student  writing on this subject should note that the author is a scientist and behaviorism is incorporated into this book that demonstrates exactly what a perfect society is like. What is  Walden Two, this perfect society, like? First, it seems to be a sustainable society as people are able to make what they need to live. A lot of attention  has been paid to this concept as much war and discrepancies are precipitated on the fact that people need things from others. Trade and whatnot do come into play politically  and even today, in the midst of war, some believe that if America had its own oil supply--or even a little bit more--it could avoid confrontation. Yet, sustainability is  not key to prevention. Skinner seems to think that aside from natural things, the real key to human happiness and making sure everyone gets along, is in the social science 

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