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    Advertising Psychology: A Research Proposal

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    This 5 page paper provides an overview of a research proposal. This paper outlines the methodology to explore the issue of advertising psychology. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    it is about the psychology of consumer behavior and determining the best route to tapping consumer sensibilities. Advertising psychology, then, focuses on the factors that are most likely to  influence consumer behavior and illicit a purchasing response through advertising. Rationale In 1997, it was estimated that total marketing expenditures worldwide  would top $1.4 trillion, 68 percent of which would be spent on the direct marketing of consumer products and services (Cassino, 1997). Of course this includes other marketing expenses  other than only advertising, but advertising claims the greatest share of marketing costs. As businesses are faced with the need to operate as efficiently as possible, it is also  necessary to advertise as effectively as possible. Understanding the psychology of advertising, then, helps companies put their dollars in the right place.  More than 90 percent of the worlds consumer advertising expenditures are made in 28 nations containing only 17 percent of the worlds total population. "Advertising spending per person  ranges from a low of less than $1 in Laos to more than $2,100 for every man, woman, and child in Japan, the most intensely advertised-to population" (Cassino, 1997; p.  57). International advertising, then, requires an understanding of the variations that influence the psychology of advertising, including elements like culture and the influence (or lack of influence) of the  mass media in different cultures throughout the world. As companies seek to expand their business operations globally, an increasing focus on the psychology of advertising relative to culture differences  can be viewed. Study Purpose The purpose of this study is to consider the major elements of the psychology of advertising that influence consumer behavior. Specifically, this 

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