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    This 13 page paper is an analysis of the US energy company Amerada Hess. The first part of the paper undertakes an in depth financial analysis of the company which is followed by a SWOT analysis and consideration of the competitive structure of the petroleum and energy industry. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    this is only a small part of a large and growing company. If we want to assess the company we can look at this in terms of its financial performance  as well as the more general context to get a good overall picture, Financial Analysis The latest set of accounts for Amerada Hess is the 2004 reports, this shows  another strong year and with revenue of $16,733 million this was also the second largest revenue year the company has ever had (Hess, 2004). This is part of a general  growth pattern as 2004 saw an increase of 16.9% on 2003, and in 2003 there was an increase of 19.9% on 2002 (Hess, 2004). This is also a company involved  in a very risky area of business where large outlays are needed for research and exploration which may take time to realise revenue or profits. This means there have been  some years were growth is negative, for example, 2002, which was a difficult year for many businesses and 2002 saw a fall of 11% in revenues on 2001 but 2001  was an increase of 11.8% on 2000 and 200 an increase of 70.4% (Hess, 2004, 2002). However, revenue is not an indication of success, for this we need to  look at profits and the profit margin. The first figure that may be considered is that of gross profit. The gross profit margin is expressed as a percentage. This is  the level of revenue that remains when all of the direct costs for producing the goods or services are deducted form the revenue. This indicates the level at which direct  costs account take up revenue. For Hess this has been fluctuating, in 2004 it was 23.5%, in 2003 it was 24.9%, 2002 

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