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    America and 'Bad' Attorneys

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    In five pages a 2001 article that critiques the U.S. litigation system is summarized and uses as a criticism springboard several cases such as the huge lawsuit against the tobacco industry. There are no other sources listed.

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    very much the same attitude, minus the mass murder implication. Sherrid (2001) presents an article about law and order that suggests attorneys have been bad for America. She first points  to the aggressive attorneys who target new industries from hog farming to house painting and notes that even the war on terrorism has been made more complicated than it has  to be, all due to the involvement of lawyers (2001). Because of the existence of lawyers, and what they have done lately, drug manufacturers are afraid to supply the government  with new immunizations to protect against biological attacks (2001). That is, they are afraid to comply, unless the government shields them from potential lawsuits (2001). It is true that in  this litigious society, anytime someones health is threatened, doctors or drug companies are often to blame. Sometimes, things just happen. As far as immunization goes, it is claimed that many  suits brought against drug companies are frivolous and that there is no proof that immunization has caused deaths or injuries. In fact, there is debate as parents claim that their  children were fine a day or two prior to taking a dose of MMR or DTP and then had seizures for example shortly after the injections. Some link the immunizations  to autism and other chronic conditions. Yet, little proof exists to associate the injections with such outcomes. Doctors, parents and drug companies are all at odds, and each have their  own opinions. Although there may in fact be injuries from vaccines, there are known risks with all of them. In fact, prior to giving such injections, doctors will usually  have parents sign a form stating that they understand the risks and one of those risks is death. Although state mandated for educational purposes, in most cases, people must realize 

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