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    An Analysis of Federated Department Stores

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    This 4 page paper provides a SWOT analysis of FDS. The evaluation also includes an overview of the company as well as a look at its future. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    seems to have met the desires of American consumers that have not been matched by any other retailer thus far (2003). However, in 2002, it seems that a problematic economy  yielded sales that were less than adequate but Federated did produce "earnings per share" that had been ahead of the same period for the prior year (2003). That is not  too bad, but sales were not what were expected. Despite some difficulties, there was certainly a strong free cash flow ("Federated," 2003). The company says: "Achieving improved earnings despite a  soft retail environment is evidence of exceptional efforts on the part of our stores and division management during the past year. It also reflects the strength of our private brands  merchandising program" (2003). Indeed, many firms have failed recently including giants like K-Mart so the fact that FDS did well in a troubled economy means it should get some points.  Part of the strategy of FDS is to put its customers first ("Federated," 2003). Hence, all strategies are directed toward providing enhanced merchandise in addition to better service  in order to target consumers through its department stores as well as other retail formats (2003). Federated attributes its success at least in part to aggressive implementation of strategy  in addition to good planning (2003). The company prides itself on excellent communication with employees (2003). They explain: "Our priority on attracting, retaining and growing the most talented people in  the retail industry has been and will continue to be our greatest advantage" (2003). It is actually a good perspective. They also say that success is attributable to store location  and excellent private brands as well as its two popular stores Macys and Bloomingdales ("Federated," 2003). OLoughlin, (2003) provides an idea of what Federated is all about. She explains: "At 

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