• An Evaluation of Employee Practices and Management at Taco Bell

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    This 5 page paper delves into Taco Bell restaurants and provides recommendations. A SWOT analysis is included. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    An Evaluation of Employee Practices and Management at Taco Bell -   paper properly! Taco Bell Corporation is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc., (NYSE: YUM), and is considered to be the nations most prominent Mexican-style fast food chain  store ("Taco," 2005). Indeed, there are very few Mexican style fast food establishments. Of course, that is slowly changing as new restaurants are being created every day. Taco Bell  stores serves burritos, tacos, Quesadillas, nachos, and something called Border Bowls; the restaurant also serves other items peculiar to Taco Bell ("Taco," 2005). It has specialty items that include tacos  or burritos stuffed with steak. It also features a variety of deluxe alternatives that provide cut up tomatoes and sour cream. The restaurant also features a variety of sauces ranging  from mild to extremely spicy sauce packets. While a fasts food restaurant with a rather limited menu, there are a variety of choices for consumers. Taco Bell is a chain  that serves more than 35 million customers every week within 6,500 restaurants, and these statistics had been derived for 2003 ("Taco," 2005). Using statistics from the same year, it  boasts $3.8 billion for its franchise restaurants ("Taco," 2005). Most of its restaurants in fact are franchises, but not all ("Taco," 2005). On its web site,  the restaurant boasts family friendly employment practices. This includes the following directive: "Taking care of you and your family means a compensation package that is competitive and comprehensive, and benefits  that take care of todays needs and tomorrows plans" ("Taco," 2005). Employees who work at Taco Bell receive the cursory medical coverage along with vision, dental, life, and disability 

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