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    Analysing the Suitability of a Market for a New Product

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    This 5 page paper shows how a new market may be analysed for suitability when considering launching a product in a new country. The example used here is the launch of domestic solar energy cells by a UK company in the US. The paper looks at the market conditions including the demand, existing competitors and potential future. The paper also shows how Porters Five Forces model can be used to further examine the situation and a SWOT analysis maybe used to support these findings. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    in the identification and marketing of goods may be identified so that a good fit may be found between the profit and the market. For this example the goods will  be solar heating systems for domestic purposes, using copper indium diselenide cells rather than the more well known silicon cells, and the country will be the United States. The initiating  company it British. There is a need for the initiating company to consider the suitability of the target market, the level of competition, the ease of direct foreign investment and  then using Porters Five Forces the competitive environment can be analysed and the decision of whether or not to make the investment may be confirmed with a SWOT analysis.  The theory of solar energy is to use the energy of the sunlight to create electricity cleanly and cheaply. The energy is collected by the solar cells through a thermal  process by heating up liquid in the panels. This is called a photovoltaic process (Gibson, 1999). Once this has happened the energy produced can then be used immediately or stored  for future use. Todays solar energy cells are made using copper indium diselenide (CIS). CIS is a mixed-metal chemical with excellent conductivity properties (Gibson, 1999). It is this additional  conductivity that will help the cause of solar energy, otherwise known as photovoltaics (PV) to fulfil its potential (Gibson, 1999). This is well understood.  The suitability of the US market can be ascertained in two ways, the demand that is existing or may be developed as well as the ability to manufacture  and distribute the goods of the required standard. In looking at the market there is already a relatively high interest in the science and development of solar panels. This is 

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