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    Analysis and Strategic Marketing Recommendation for BT

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    This 21 page paper analyses the UK based international telecommunication company BT (British Telecom). The firm is examined using Porters value chain and Porters five forces models, as well as a PESTEL analysis. PESTEL is a framework which examines the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal influences on the firm. The analysis finishes with a SWOT analysis and consideration of the internal position of the firm. The analysis is then used to develop a strategic marketing recommendation for the company. The bibliography cites 16 sources.

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    Influences 13 2.3.2 Economic Influences 14 2.3.3 Socio-Cultural Influences 15 2.3.4 Technological Influences 16 2.3.5 Environmental Influences 16 2.3.6 Legal Influences 17 2.4 SWOT Analysis 18 2.4.1 Strengths 18 2.4.2 Weaknesses 19 2.4.3 Opportunities 19 2.4.4 Threats 20 2.5 Internal Analysis 20 3 Recommendations 21 References 23 1. Introduction BT  (British Telecom1) is a global telecommunications company, with operations in more than 170 countries, providing a range of telecoms services, with a focus on fixed line and broadband services, also  offering mobile and networked IT services and television products, such as BT Vision (BT, 2011). The firm, which is the dominant supplier in the UK, has been facing increasing levels  of competition over the last decade. Once the monopoly supplier in the UK2 deregulation of the industry has seen a range of different types of competitors enter the market; initially  they utilised the BT infrastructure, but now many have installed or can access competitors local loops and infrastructures. The development of technology such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and  expansion of wireless networks is also increasing competition. Therefore, the firm, which once had the advantage of being the only supplier has had to adapt and change, with the pressures  of liberalization and deregulation, as well as technological progress having a great impact on the business. To determine a viable competitive marketing strategy it is necessary to examine the company  in its external and internal environment. This can be undertaken using a number of tools, and will provide a framework for assessing different influences as well as provide an analysis  that can be utilized to identify a potentially advantageous competitive marketing strategy. 2. Analysis of BT BT does not operate in a vacuum; there are many potential influences which impact on  the way in which the organization provides its services. Utilizing a number of different well-known business analytical frameworks BT can be examined to identify the relevant influences and assess a 

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