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    This 9 page is an analysis of Atlantic BancGroup, parent company of Oceanview Bank in 2010, using a SWOT analysis of the basis of the assessment the bank is considered principally from a financial perspective. The paper includes a table of various banking ratio, including adequacy and leverage for 2004 – 2008 and the analysis bring many of the figures up to date. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    result of the global rescission, which has seen falling values of the securities that they hold with threats to the income sources as the levels of bad debt rise. IN  order to assess the bank a SWOT analysis may be utilized. Forhis we will refer to the banks latest set of annual accounts as well as looking at more recent  events, however the latest set of accounts which are available are the 1008 accounts, which were published in March 2009, the 2009 accounts are not yet released, so the accounts  are historical and cannot be seen as current Oceanside Back started trading in 1997, on the 21st July, it is a small local bank operating as a chartered community  bank, offering a range of banking services, including the receipt of bank deposits and the making of loans. The bank is one of the weaker banks, but when looking undertaking  a SWOT analysis, looking at the strength weaknesses, opportunities and threats, it can be argued that in the current climate the ability to survive may be seen as a strength.  In 2009 alone there were 140 bank failures, 45 in the first half of the year and then there was an acceleration with 95 in the second half of  the year (LACE Financial Corporation, 2010). This is a basic strength, as survival alone may be seen as a limited measure of success (Elliott and Elliott, 2007). Despite  the difficulties, which will be considered under the weaknesses and the threats, the bank does have other strengths. In the first three quarters of 2009 there does appear to be  an improvement, there was ah increase in the asset base of 24% compared to 2008, this meant that the assets stood at $326.2 million on the 30th of September 20091 

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