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    This 24 page paper is an in-depth look at Emirates Airline, part of the Emirates Group, examining the strategy, marketing mix and general position of the firm with a SWOT analysis from a marketing bias. The bibliography cites 23 sources.

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    Emirates group. The history of the airline starts in 1985, when on the 5th of October the airline made its inaugural flight, with the basis of the airline being two  leased aircraft. The idea from the beginning was not to try and compete on price, but to offer a high quality service. The firm has grown exponentially since that first  day, from a airline with only two leased aircraft to one that has that has a fleet of 137 aircraft, including a new Airbus 380, the large super-sized double-decker aircraft,  and has about 40% of the total market of the flight movements in Dubai International Airport (Emirates, 2009). With flights to more than 100 destinations across 60 countries, and ambitions  to increase market share though growth without compromising on quality. The airline has successful and to assess the airline and the reasons for its success the airline may be considered  from a marketing perspective. The marketing issues consider many aspects of the firms and the way it is both marketed and the way that the product/serve is designed and presented.  2. The Strategy Emirates Airline are part of a large group that started out as an airline hand has since expanded offering a range of travel services ands other  complimentary services, which helps to support the sale of airline tickets as well as leverage the spending that it taking place by increasing revenues by providing many of the complimentary  services travellers may require. The strategy is therefore one that has seen the development of related diversification and the firm has got large and increased passenger numbers. However, this  has not been the core strategy; it is a strategy that has been facilitated by the way that the firm has grown. When 

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