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    Analyzing the Management Principles of The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

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    In four pages there is a book summary along with an opinion offered as to the management principles detailed in the text. One source is cited in the bibliography.

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    the form of a novel - clearly a departure from traditional business books in terms of style. But the format serves to make the "lessons" more palatable, thereby increasing  the effectiveness of the book. Basically this is the story of a manager (Alex Rogo) who operates a plant that is in a lot of trouble, and he comes  to learn that his methods arent working very well and that the plant will soon close if something drastic doesnt change.  After working with a consultant (his old friend Jonah), he starts to change his ways, approaching his management responsibilities with an entirely new paradigm, and trying to get his  employees to get excited about the new methods as well. Jonah does an excellent job of teaching his friend because more than telling him what to do, he helps  Alex learn for himself by asking him questions and encouraging Alex to seek the answers. The answers which come to  Alex are amazingly simple, and yet they challenge traditional beliefs and methods of operation. It is because of this that in the beginning of the story, Alex couldnt figure  out what was wrong. Throughout this story is the companion story of Alex and his troubled marriage, but fortunately both the business and the marriage end up successfully.  Principles of Operations Management At first, Alex cant figure out why things are so bad at the plant. He checks  over everything and on the surface it looks as if he is doing things right. The robots are operating efficiently, batch sizes are large enough to keep efficiencies up, 

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