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    Animism Religion

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    In a paper consisting of four pages the beliefs associated with the animism religion are discussed. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    and most certainly of late, the religion of the Islamic followers. We rarely, however, hear of one of the most basic religions to many native peoples around the globe. That  religion is Animism and it is a religious faith that has been, and is, prevalent among the Australian Aboriginal, the Aleutians, and the Native Americans in the United States. In  the following paper we briefly describe some of the beliefs held in this particular religion which is still strong and powerful. Animism "In anthropology, animism can be considered  to be the original human religion, being defined simply as belief in the existence of spiritual beings. It dates back to the earliest humans and continues to exist today, making  it the oldest form of religious belief on Earth" (Basic Beliefs of Animism, 2003). Interestingly enough, while it is a religion practiced by many native cultures, it is also a  religion that "can be practiced by anyone who believes in spirituality but does not proscribe to any specific organized religion. The basis for animism is acknowledgment that there is a  spiritual realm which humans share the universe with" (Basic Beliefs of Animism, 2003). This does not define a particular God or a number of gods, but merely follows the belief  that a spiritual reality exists. "The concepts that humans possess souls and that souls have life apart from human bodies before and after death are central to animism" (Basic  Beliefs of Animism, 2003). In this we see that the one who follows the religion of animism believes that a soul exists and that a spiritual world exists. There are,  as would be imagined, many variations on this theme, just as perhaps there are many variations within any given religion. For example, when discussing the variations we can note 

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