• Are Ethnic Chinese Businesses Successful in the UK?

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    This 90 page paper is an in-depth study that examines the hypothesis that ethnic Chinese businesses are successful in the UK. The paper contains an in-depth literature review on the methodology chosen, due to the lack of primary information, and then moves onto the major part of the paper. The success of the businesses is measured against other ethnic minority businesses. Measurements used are non financial as the businesses tend to be small businesses with self employed owners. The different influencing factors are considered, such as barrier and drivers, these are then analysed to identify any differences between Chinese and other ethnic businesses. Models that predict success are then considered to identify why the businesses are more successful than other ethnic business counterparts. The bibliography cites 48 sources.

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    Business Community in the UK 29 3.3.1 Liverpool 30 3.3.2 London 39 3.4 Other Ethnic Minorities Development within the UK 43 3.5 The Current Position 50 3.5.1 Drivers 51 3.5.2 External Barriers 52 3.5.3 Internal Barriers 64 3.6. The Statistics 78 3.7 Businesses Success Models 82 3.7.1 Applying the Models  to the UK Ethnic Chinese Businesses 86 4. Conclusion 90 References 92 Bibliography 95 Table of Figures Table 1; Ethnic Monitories Sector Concentration 33 Table 2: Employment Size Distribution by Ethnic Group 36 Table 3;  Sources of Advice Taken 38 Table 4; Assistance Sought by Businesses 40 Table 5; Management Experience/Training by Percentage of Businesses Operating. 45 Table 6; Problem Ranking 48 Table 7; The use of external financing  at start-up 50 Table 8; Male Self-employment as a percentage of the ethnic population 57 Table 9; Female Self-employment as a percentage of the ethnic population 57 Executive Summary This  study considers the hypothesis that ethnic Chinese businesses in the UK are successful. It is noted that this is an understudied area, and little research exists, therefore the majority of  literature used comes form only a few studies. There is an absence of magazine and journal articles on this topic and more research needs to be undertaken. It is noted  in research used. After defining the terms and recognising the need for comparison, the study shows that the historical development of Chinese  businesses in the UK have been at a higher level of integration than other ethnic minority businesses. Other evidence is considered and comparison made between the way that business micro  and macro factors impact on the Chinese demonstrated that there are different patterns. There are higher levels of advice from family and friends, but lower investment levels from these sources.  Banks and financial institutional are also more popular sources of finances for the Chinese businesses. The demonstration of a different business model is then placed into context with the consideration 

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