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    Assessing VA's IT Strategic Plan

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    A 13 page paper assessing the Veterans Administration's existing 5-year IT strategic plan for the purpose of suggesting alternative strategies and making recommendations. The paper uses the example of the VA health system as what can be accomplished, as that division has been transformed over 15 years' time from one of the worst health care providers in the US to one of the best. IT played a leading role in that transformation; the paper recommends that it be used as a blueprint for other VA functional areas. Includes a table of contents, executive summary and SWOT analysis. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    Hospital and Clinic Information Management 4 Electronic Patient Records 5 Information Managements Effect on Quality 6 Internal Issues 8 Mission and Vision 8 Goals and Objectives 8 Philosophy and Culture 9 Strategies for Major Functional Areas 10 Political  Environment 11 Organizational Environment 11 Economic Environment 11 Financial Environment 11 Technological Environment 12 SWOT Analysis 12 Strengths 12 Weaknesses 12 Opportunities 12 Threats 12 Alternative Strategies 13 Conclusion and Recommendations 13 Executive Summary  There are several areas in which the Veterans Administration (VA) offers services, support and assistance to veterans of the US military. Leading areas are: * Health care *  Service-Connected Disabilities * VA Pensions * Education and Training * Home Loan Guaranty * VA Life Insurance * Burial and Memorial Benefits (Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents, 2008).  Certainly there are other areas as well, but those listed above are of primary focus. Of these, the VAs health care system is  the largest and most complex; it is the one also focused on here as the example benefit area because of its complexity. No other service area will require such  extensive IT services to gain the level of results achieved in health services. The VAs Office of Information and Technology (OI&T) produces a  5-year IT strategic plan that is updated annually. The plan maintains continued alignment with and adherence to the VAs larger strategic plan, its business goals and investments.  Recommendation is that the OI&T provide an IT plan for other VA functional areas based on the advances made in the VAs health services.  This includes electronic records for each veteran registered with the system and a complete history for each, with interoperability being such that VA pensions can have access to VA education 

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