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    Assessing the Special Ed Student

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    This five-page-paper presents an exploration of alternative assessment methods for special education students. It opens with a proposal for a study to research the need for alternative assessment methods and goes on to suggest and explain several different types. Bibliography lists five sources.

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    entire school had spent the last three weeks preparing for them. Johnny was always nervous when it came to tests but these achievement tests really made him feel bad.  All the other kids would get done and be twiddling their pencils and he would not even be halfway through. It was at times like these that Johnny felt especially  stupid. Ever since the discrimination walls came crashing down in 1964 we have moved forward in the education of children with special needs. Today children  with learning disabilities, AHD and other disorders can be found in regular classrooms throughout the country and the world inclusion is no longer a buzzword but a reality(Education 173).  Though we have worked hard at knocking down barriers children with special needs often fall through the cracks when it comes to things like assessments. Assessments are  a reality in every district every year across America. Not only do they let the district know how the teachers are doing it allows parents and teachers the opportunity to  see how much of the years curriculum the student has retained. Assessments are basic pencil and paper tests and for most students no different than any other  day at school, however for the special education student the assessment may not reflect the true benchmark of the students knowledge simply because of the test procedure.Studies have shown that  students who have learning disabilities or other special education needs suffer from anxiety regarding tests much more than their non special education counterparts. (Howell 389).  Students who have learning disabilities need to have alternative assessment methods used to determine their true ability(Kaufmann 373). This can be accomplished in several ways. The first way an 

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