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    This 13 page paper provides an overview of different research articles, and considers factors like validity, the use of a methodology, and the impacts of the outcome of the data. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    people in the aged population. The premise for the research is based on the belief that because of changing demographic factors, the aging of the population in general will  result in many students providing services in a variety of arenas for aged populations. Assessing the views of these students regarding ageism, the aging of the population in general  and perspectives on the social and economic needs of this population is at the center of this study. Gattuso and Saws study also reflects other changes in the demographics  of population of learners, suggesting that college students now studying in rural areas and in rural universities may in fact be providing the aged population with a significant number of  services in years to come. As a result, the focus of this study is in assessing the views of both urban and rural populations regarding the issue of ageism  and the impact of age assessments on the reaction of students to those in their environment. The central objective of this study, then, is to determine or assess the  expectations of students in both urban and rural populations regarding the aging population and to further determine the correlation between the reactions of these students and the services they provide.  As a result, this study focuses on a methodology aimed at students in social services and related studies, who may find themselves in a position to provide care or  services for the aging population in the future. Newnham et al (1993) Newnham et al (1993) considered the issue of the use of ultrasound during pregnancy, arguing that  assessments of the impact of this kind of procedure should be assessed. As an increasing number of practitioners opt to perform ultrasounds or have the procedure performed in the 

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