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    This 10-page paper offers a SWOT analysis of Best Buy. Also under discussion are trends for consumer electronics. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    during the middle 20th century, they typically did so either at their department store or a local appliance shop. But these days,  when the demand is for convenience of shopping for everything under one roof - as well as low prices - "big box" consumer electronic supercenters such as Best Buy tend  to be the place where people will shop for a computer, a large radio system or even a washer-dryer combo. But given todays  economy what, exactly is the outlook for a company like Best Buy? What makes this company continue to survive and seemingly do well? The purpose of this paper is to  examine those questions through use of a SWOT analysis. By analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths of this company, we can perhaps point out what the secret of its  success is. Company Overview Best Buy is the nations leading consumer electronics retailer, as it sells consumer electronics (televisions, DVD players and audio  systems); home office products (computers, telephones and copies); entertainment software (CDs and video games) and appliances (Hoovers Business Capsules, 2005). Best Buy has  more than 550 stores in 48 states and Canada, with large concentrations in the Midwest, Texas, California and Florida (Hoovers Business Capsules, 2005).  Following a recent period of huge growth, Best Buy has been restructured to expand, but at a more sedate clip (Hoovers Business Capsules, 2005). The company has managed expansions both  by opening Best Buy stores and by acquisitions of other companies, especially in Canada (Hoovers Business Capsules, 2005). Best Buy began life in 

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