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    This 4 page paper is a SWOT analysis of BMW, examining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The paper looks at the position after the sale of the Rover group and is based on a case study supplied by the student.

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    manufacture of BMW cars thanks to Herbert Quandt, who saw the potential the company had. Today there are still may strengths to this company, but the environment and the company  itself also see many weaknesses opportunities and threats. Strengths BMW has many strengths, the brand name is well respected and associated with quality. This along with innovation in design  and customer service has lead to the differentiation that has create a price premium, making BMW a company that has higher than average profit margins in the automotive industry. This  was a position many companies would have envied, for example, in 200, when the worldwide sales for BMW increased by 8% and sales in the US alone, a major market,  increased by 18%, Ford suffered a loss and other companies such as GM were feeling the pressure to cut costs and trim profit margins. This is not to say the  same pressures were not felt by BMW, but the market was less price sensitive and the margins were larger to begin with. There are other strengths the company has  built on and maintains. The German labour market has a great number of highly educated and skilled workers, which have benefited BMW, at the same time different plants have been  established to gain economies from different areas, such as seen with the plant in South Africa. We may also argue with the Quandt family still retaining 46% of the  company there is also a degree of stability that comes form long term retained ownership that helps in terms of cultural development, but may also posse a weakness with a  lack of fresh blood. Weaknesses One of the major weaknesses seen with BMW in the case given was the purchase of the Rover Group from British Aerospace. The purchase 

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