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    Barco Projection Systems : A Case Study

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    In 5 pages, the author does a case study on Barco Projection Systems. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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    1270 model. It seems as though this new product that Sony has developed will cost BPS a great many sales because 1270 is purported to be the "industrys highest  performing projector" (McQuade 1-20). 5-7 marketing alternatives 1. To do nothing in the hope that BPS customers will remain true to BPS. This is not  a viable option, because in order to stay in a competitive stance, BPS will have to do something. 2. To drop the price of the BG400. This  is also not a viable option, because the company needs to maintain its status quo. To lower its price would damage the sales forecast, because of the orders that  have already been place. In fact, it undermines the worth of the product. 3. To go ahead with the upgrade of the BD600 to the BD700.  This is an excellent idea since so many man-hours have already been put into this development. 4. To develop a projector that is competitive to the Sony 1270.  In order to compete with Sony, BPS has to create a projector that is comparable to the Sony 1270. This is more difficult that one would assume it  to be, however. Had BPS had the foresight to develop a top of the line projector such as this one, they could have done it before Sony did.  5. To complete the development of the digital BG800 now instead of in late 1990. Recommendation of one or combination of alternatives with justification(s), include data from  exhibits in recommendation First movers have a competitive advantage in the market. They have customer loyalty because they are first in the market. 

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