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    Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, O'Keefe & Nichols (SWOT Analysis)

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    This 5 page paper examines this law firm with the use of a SWOT Analysis. Attention is paid to workplace practices. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    health care providers ("Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, OKeefe & Nichols," 2008). That is, rather than accept clients to sue large corporations, these attorneys defend large hospitals and physicians against those who  have initiated lawsuits. At this law firms site, the following description is found: " We started as the only lawyers representing members of the Los Angeles County Medical Association  and have built on that experience by representing health care providers throughout California and neighboring states. At any one time the lawyers of Bonne Bridges collectively handle several hundred cases  alleging medical negligence" ("Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, OKeefe & Nichols," 2008). This is a well-respected firm that has grown a great deal, but perhaps its greatest strength also serves to create  some weaknesses. That is, because of its size, it may actually intimidate new clients as it does not have the type of corporate cultures as do, smaller, more intimate companies.  Further, the nature of the work is controversial, as the public generally sides with the plaintiffs. Yet, in evaluating this law firm, there are many positive features discovered as well  as opportunities waiting. II. SWOT Analysis Strengths * Attorneys are trained in house ("Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, OKeefe & Nichols," 2008). This is a decided advantage  for the corporate culture and camaraderie. * This firm contains the largest group of lawyers in the country to address this particular issue ("Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, OKeefe & Nichols," 2008).  * Their record is good. Reportedly, this firm wins nine out of ten cases that go to trial ("Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, OKeefe & Nichols," 2008). * The Summer Associates program  allows for an easy transition from going to law school to becoming a full-fledged attorney ("Bonne, Bridges, Mueller, OKeefe & Nichols," 2008). * Training is excellent. New entrants in the 

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