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    Boxing Champion Mike Tyson

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    A 5 page argumentative essay which examines the life and career of this controversial heavyweight champion, and questions what is to blame for his personal and professional downfall (rape conviction, controversial conduct in the ring). Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    Tracy Gregory, September 2001 -- properly! Mike Tyson was the worlds youngest heavyweight champion, and once upon a  time, served as a role model for Americas underprivileged youth. He was born Michael Gerard Tyson in Brooklyn on June 30, 1966, and of his biological mother and father,  he says quite simply, "I had an alcoholic and a pimp for parents" (Hoffer 32). For Mike Tyson, there was no childhood, and only the education of the mean  streets, which taught him some painful life lessons. He was a boy with few prospects, and little more than hopes and dreams to keep him company. As Tom  Junod wrote in his compassionate consideration of the boxing champs life, "THERE ARE NO BABY PICTURES OF MIKE TYSON. Nobody cared enough either to keep them or to take them  in the first place... He is around twelve years old by the time of his first extant photograph, and because no pictures of him exist before that one, its almost  as though he didnt, either, until the first click of the shutter nudged him into being, and he was born, on film, fully formed, already finished: already stocky, already strong,  already brave, already scared, already heartbroken, already truant, already violent, already in trouble, and already captured, thirty-eight times between the ages of ten and thirteen, and delivered into the hands  of the law" (Junod 78). It is recommended that the student writing about this topic consider that Mike Tyson is regarded by some as representative of Americas disenfranchised youth  of color - underprivileged and with no available opportunities, except perhaps a life of crime. However, Mike Tyson was more fortunate than the other boys in his neighborhood in 

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