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    Bullying and How to Address It

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    An 8 page paper assesses the probable causes of bullying. The author presents a research proposal to quantify the relationship between bullying, violent media content, and shyness. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    in general but in the educational environment it is particularly troubling. Unfortunately, practically all of our schools are plagued with this problem. While the intensity varies considerably, bullying  is not something that many of us have not experienced either as students ourselves or later in life as we observe our students being bullied. Many are at a  loss as to how to deal with the problem. With better understanding, however, bullying can be finally relegated to the pages of our history. The intent of this  paper is to propose a research project that will better quantify and qualify the phenomenon of bulling and how to deal with it.  Bullies inflict both emotional and physical harm to those that are least prepared to deal with such pain. Their young victims have not matured to the point that they  are capable of making the complex psychological adjustments that might allow a more mature individual to shrug off bullies as being simply another reflection of a poorly adjusted individual.  An even more disturbing component of bullying is the trend noted in recent years where bullying has escalated to school shootings and other fatal acts.  Various efforts have been launched around the nation in an attempt to eradicate bullying. Those that have analyzed the causes and impacts of bullying recognize  that if bullying is to end we must address the factors that inspire bullies to domineer and even harm others. We must also take steps to empower those that  are customarily bullied. In many cases the factors contributing to bullying can be related to years of incorrect behavior. It might be 

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