• Bush and Kerry on Education

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    This 5 page paper compares and contrasts Bush and Kerry's proposals on education. Both public education and higher education subjects are addressed. The No Child Left Behind Act is discussed. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    has cropped up again. Bush and Kerry each contend that they value education immensely and each has had a unique view in terms of how to make affordable the expensive  higher education system and how to fix the broken public education model. While each of the 2004 candidates support the idea of education, their solutions could not be more different.  George Bush seems to hold that accountability and management is key to success whereas John Kerry believes that the real key is funding. John Kerry contends that the people must  invest in the school system rather than just giving tax cuts to the wealthy ("John Kerry for," 2004). He references the fact that there have been tax cuts since Bush  has been in office. Some claim that they help the wealthy more than they should. Rather than giving tax cuts, Kerry would see money funneled to educational issues. Some have  complained also that because he signed the No Child Left Behind Act, Bush had undermined public education ("Strengthening," 2004). They say this because while he made more stringent rules for  education, he did not back it up with appropriate funds (2004). Critics claim that the legislation "left millions of children behind" (2004). Kerry further thinks that due to the  demands foisted on the nation by the presence of a new global economy, all children must reach very high standards so that they will prosper in the future (2004).  It has been suggested that Kerry will help to rebuild schools, support teachers, and help to reduce class sizes (2004). John Kerry not only spouts rhetoric on education in a  general sense, he makes specific promises. Kerry has made a suggestion for something called the "National Education Trust Fund" ("John Kerry on," 2004). This is something that is supposed 

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