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    Caffè Nero Case Study

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    A 5 page paper that analyses this company according to information provided in one article supplied by the student. The analysis includes a SWOT as well as the use of Porter's five forces, Porter's generic strategies for competitive advantage and Ansoff's matrix. Bibliography lists 9 sources.

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    brand, is on the fast track to capture a larger market share both in the United Kingdom and in Europe. To do so, though, means it must carefully examine the  risks of going head-to-head with two giants in the same business. A quick SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) of the company may provide insight regarding this companys  probability for success. Caff? Nero has a number of strengths. It doubled its profits in the six months and same store sales increased by 8.5 percent in one month. It  nearly tripled its market share in just over two years. With a 24 percent share, Starbucks holds the market with Whit bread coming in at 18 percent to Caff? Neros  present 11 percent. The company is opening one new store each week. It acquired 10 locations from competitor Coffee Republic in one year. The companys leaders are driven for success  and the companys debt is not excessive. It is difficult to determine the weaknesses based on the documents to be used for this analysis. The company founder said that he  believed sustained growth evolved from having a solid infrastructure and not changing it as long as it is profitable. This is a sensible business strategy, however, in todays world, changes  come quickly. The company must be able to adapt quickly if needed to remain competitive. If they are not capable of doing that, that would be a very serious weakness.  It would seem that coffee houses with branded coffee products continue to grow. It also seems that Starbucks captures the greater market share wherever they are located. This fact  provides numerous opportunities to Caff? Nero in both globalization and in product expansion. The company is considering expansion to the continent as well as product offerings, in the form of 

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