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    Call of the Wild by Jack London

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    In five pages this paper discusses the novel's themes including Darwinism and examines Buck in a character analysis. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    to the characterization of Buck. Several themes are discussed. Londons tendency to embrace Darwinism is highlighted. Bibliography lists 5 sources. SA143wld.rtf Many people have dogs  for pets, and while they cuddle at the foot of the stairs or at the edge of the bed, few fear them. There are of course the Dobermans and the  German Shepherds, but even their owners have affection for them, despite the fact that they can be turned into killing machines. Authors through the ages have embraced dogs in  different ways. Jack London is an author who seemingly understood this domestic creature and hinted that it belongs in the wild, and not in living rooms.  The Call of the Wild is probably Jack Londons most famous novel in respect to dogs. In this work, London uses a dog named Buck that is  half Saint Bernard and half Scottish Shepherd. The story begins when Buck is living a lavish lifestyle in the Santa Clara Valley in the home of Judge Miller. Tragically, for  Buck, one of the judges servants steals the dog, and sells him to northern traders who had been searching for gold. Buck  is just an animal, but to many people, animals-and particularly dogs-are very smart and have intense feelings. Buck seems to have the heart and desire, and the intelligence, of any  man. With this, Buck seems to survive many cold nights along with life-threatening beatings in order to break free. He not only becomes the leader of a pack  of wolves, but a legend as well. Jack London, in The Call of the Wild, uses the element of character through Buck. Buck 

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