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    Career Decision Making Case Study: Isaac

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    This 3 page paper is based on a scenario provided by the student. The focus is career development theory with a 14-year old boy whose mother recently left home. The writer identifies which stages in Ginzberg's theory and Super's theory the boy is in. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    a grief cycle due to the loss of his mother. This type of grief cycle can be even worse than losing someone through death. His mother may have left his  father as the scenario describes but she left Isaac as well. In addition to a traumatic loss, meaning the absence of someone, Isaac has feelings related to abandonment. Since Isaac  was especially close to his mother, he is no doubt thinking that he did something wrong or she wouldnt have left him. Children, even early teenagers always feel they did  something wrong if the family breaks up. Consider the evidence: Isaacs problems in school began when his mother left. His grades prior to this event were As and Bs. Now,  his grades have dropped to Cs and Ds. He does not pay attention to the teacher. He has become aggressive and belligerent with his friends. These are all classic symptoms  and they must be addressed, through counseling, before the counselor gets very concerned about career development. It sounds as though the Self-Directed Search survey may have been administered before his  mother left, thus, the results may be valid. According to this survey Isaac is an ISA personality type, investigative, artistic and social. The investigative component suggests Isaac would do well  in intellectual environments, especially theoretical ones. This personality often prefers to work alone. The artistic component relates to en environment where one uses their creativity. The social part would suggest  preference for a career what he would be working with people. Thus, there is a conflict here between investigative and social. Supers Life Span Theory is based on the  assumption that there are many different factors involved in career development. Super says that physiological aspects and geographical aspects impact other aspects of career development. The other aspects are identified 

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