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    Case Study Analysis (HRMC)

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    This 8 page paper examines a case study submitted by a student. The firm Health Revenue and Management Consultants (HRMC) is evaluated. A SWOT analysis is included. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    owned, womens business enterprise. The CEO is Shelah Harper who also founded the company in 1984. Harper is not a floundering newcomer but rather a seasoned executive with past successes.  Her ability to implement new money making strategies is proven and she brings a great deal of capability to this endeavor. Her business prowess has been recognized both within her  industry and by the public at large. Although it is true that the firm has been around for quite some time, and the CEO is well versed, no information has  been submitted regarding this firms financial viability. Is it doing well? Is it struggling to keep pace with the poor economy? For the purpose of analysis, it will be assumed  that HRMC has been doing fine and there are no serious threats to its future existence. However, a student writing on this subject might want to probe further into that  area if in fact information is available, such as a published financial statement. Many inquiries into the financial doings of a company can provide information for further analysis. Much of  a firms success is contingent on profitability. In any event, what is known about this company are the reasons for being and the way that the executives view society. The  companys goals and mission are synonymous with capitalisms achievements and certainly, a fervent entrepreneur is at the helm of this female-driven enterprise, so success is likely. II. Mission and  Goals The Mission of the Health Revenue and Management Consultants is to "expand service capability and performance through maximizing income, productivity and internal controls." The goals include a focus  on revenue enhancement and this is accomplished through design, evaluation and use of financial and operational systems. It has a goal to either develop or enhance the following systems: management 

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