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    Case Study : Mt McKenzie Winery

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    A 7 page paper that is based on information provided by the student. The paper includes a SWOT of the winery, the design for an advertisement for a brandy maker and who should interview candidates, the implications of 'rightsizing' instead of waiting for natural attrition, working with employees and community to prepare them for changes, such as staff reduction, and a future lineup of the organization's staff. Bibliography lists 1 source.

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    company with many real assets. * Historically converts profits to assets. These strengths may compensate for some weaknesses. They can also be exploited to take advantage of opportunities while minimizing  the impact of threats. For example, their fiscal strength will allow the company to expand and diversify its production line. Weaknesses: * Effavin no longer serves its purpose, it  is a poor performer. * Old, inbred board of directors, which leads to a lack of innovation as well as status quo in terms of operations and staffing. * Gender  discrimination, there are no women in any leadership position. * Inbred, unmotivated staff, selected as nepotism and paternalism instead of for skill. Some are just spending time at the winery,  they are not contributing or producing. The board has decided to drop Effavin from production, which will eliminate this weakness. The company still needs new people on the board and  can use its reputation as an incentive for new board members who respect the companys long history but who have vision. Staffing issues must be addressed. Different alternatives need to  be considered. Opportunities: * Growing reputation in U.S.A. and Britain. * Board has finally decided to diversify into making brandy. The company can use is fiscal soundness and its reputation  to increase sales even more outside the country, emphasizing both the U.S. and Britain first and then, considering other European countries as well as neighboring Australasian countries. The addition of  Brandy to the inventory will be expensive but with growing sales and the companys fiscal soundness, they should be able to weather the initial rough times. Threats: * Overabundance of  grapes will reduce price of wines. * Gender discrimination is also a threat to the company because of potential equality lawsuits. * Reducing numbers of staff through immediate layoffs could 

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