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    15 pages in length. This is a proposal for a travel agency to develop software for the company. Includes Data flow, Gantt Chart, Pert/CPM Chart information, as well as input and output specification. Gives estimated time and cost factor and concludes with options and recommendations. This is an excellent paper with research information that can be applied to any company.

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    white wallboard the information pertaining to number of seats sold, prices for hotels and other pertinent information is kept. All of the reports are created in WORD documents.  These include the billing, flight manifests, and seat assignments. With the increase in business XYZ Travel has seen over the past year, more and more customers are purchasing charter trips  to Las Vegas and XYZ Travel is in need of a computerized information base designed for their office. There will need to be several databases for information including such things  as the customer information, flight information, hotel information, price information and the database for each charter. XYZ Travel is going to need data flow diagrams, Pert/CPM charts, Gantt Charts,  descriptions of proposed systems and input/output specifications. In addition to this there will need to be file layouts and the estimated costs and time associated with this project to  develop, install and run the program. The proposal should include alternatives, options, add-ons and future enhancements. With a computer information system in place for XYZ Travel they will be  better equipped to keep accurate records for each customer, flight and charter. All information will be readily at hand at each of several computer stations and there will be  less risk of human error when calculating mathematical problems. With this information on hand it will be relatively easy for XYZ Travel to import and export information to these databases  and to keep better and more accurate business records for financial analysis and government income tax purposes. DATA FLOW DIAGRAMS The data flow diagrams will be necessary to show  where each piece of data will go in order for it to be properly calculated and put into the final picture. Different data will need to go to different 

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