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    Case Study: Rational Sentencing - Whose Rationality?

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    3 pages in length. The writer discusses how critical thinking and the decision-making process must go hand-in-hand – as well as not allowing political concerns to overrule cultural concerns – if the man in this case study is to receive an equitable recommendation. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    potential political concerns for the primary reason that one situation cannot be compared with another and, in essence, establish a blanket reaction like it has. As Mary pointed out,  the twenty-two-year-old man should not be made an example of in order to "satisfy some base political and vindictive needs of the public." If that were how the whole  legal system operated, it would cease to represent the fundamental elements of equitable treatment. Human beings are said to be the most intelligent  species in the entire animal kingdom, mainly due to the fact that they can reason, think critically and apply that ability to rational decision making. However, that ability is  all too often overshadowed by the contrasting need to appease emotional tugs that skew realistic perception. II. WHAT CULTURAL ASPECTS OF THE ORGANIZATIONS DECISION MAKING DID MARY LEARN  THROUGH THIS EXPERIENCE? Mary learned - or rather reaffirmed - that money makes things happen that otherwise go against the very grain of rationality. To have let the pedophile  go merely because his family was able to afford that team of lawyers and psychologists to paint the picture they wanted illustrated of their beloved - not as a child  abuser but as a victim of society who needed the help and guidance of his family rather than the cold, harsh reality of prison. Because - and only because  - this family held some sort of social standing in the community created by a strong financial foundation was this sexual offender ever allowed back into society, where he wasted  no time disproving their efforts to depict him as something more than a predator. The limitations present within "rational" models of decision making 

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