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    A 3 page paper that uses a SWOT analysis provided by the student. This paper is a narrative discussion of that analysis. The organization is the US VETS Inglewood. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    analyze an entire organization, a department, or even a team. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The first two, strengths and weaknesses are internal and the other two,  threats and opportunities are external. When planning, strengths can be used to take advantage of opportunities, to mitigate threats, and to shore up weaknesses (Constandse, 2011; Mind Tools,  2012). When threats are investigated, it may be found that they present opportunities for the organization to change direction or to develop new strengths. Rather than just identifying those items  in each category, it is more useful to use them to analyze them more carefully so that the organization becomes stronger and more effective. The SWOT analysis for U.S. VETS  Inglewood reveals strengths that can be used to take advantage of opportunities. Strengths include the fact that this was the original US VETS site so it has historical meaning in  the program. Most staff members have been at the site for a long time. This is an especially beneficial strength because one of the opportunities has to do with a  growing veteran population. Recently, there have been more Vets from the wars in the Middle east. This creates an opportunity for growth. Veteran satisfaction with services at this site  is very high. This will lead to growth. Word-of-mouth advertising will bring more of the Middle East vets to seek services. the fact that there is an opportunity for increasing  the sites funding will help with the increasing number of vets using their services. The organization hires graduates of the program who have been able to make  the transition from vet to client. A long-term staff that is comprised of veterans who share the experiences of the new vets entering the program is a strong plus factor 

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