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    Case Study of Rondell Data Corporation

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    In three pages this paper applies Cumming and Worley's change management's 5 steps to the Rondell Data Corporation in this case study. One source is cited in the bibliography.

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    director with three new people in that position in less than 3 years. Over the last several years, there has been an increasing number of disputes between research, engineering, sales  and production departments. Disputes centered on new product introduction. The current situation focuses on the new model 802 wide band modulator and a very short deadline to production.  Motivating Change As president of the company, Bill Hunt did not take any of the needed steps to effectively bring about change. There was no discussion much less a plan  for going from the companys present operational condition to a desired position. Hunt pays more attention to one department than the others and he throws deadlines at the departments without  considering the effects. Hunt wants the conflicts and disputes to go away but he does nothing to facilitate that. He does not listen to the problems of any of the  departments except for sales. He also listens to Doc, a brilliant engineer with scads of ideas but no concept of how long it takes to implement those ideas in engineering  and production. Creating A Vision There is no vision here at Rondell. There is no analysis of what the companys core values are or what they should be. There  is a holding to the old ways of informal relationships, which is fine except for the fact that the company has grown dramatically. Hunt and the executive staff need to  sit and determine what their core values are and what their core purposes are. The purposes of the company - innovation and quality of designs does not need to be  changed but the operations of the company definitely do need changing. Developing Political Support This company is operating in such a ways as to cause tremendous conflict. In 

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