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    Case Study on Racism

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    This 12 page paper analyzes a case presented by a student concerning a boarding situation between a white Moslem and a black African Christian. Reasons for their disagreements are explored through anthropological and sociological theories. Theories concerning racism are provided . The case is analyzed. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    but remnants of prejudice continue. While the tension between blacks and whites is significant, other types of prejudice crop up as more and more immigrants enter the country. Attitudes that  are held by the majority influence the perceptions of those entering the nation. Whites who enter may become more prejudice against blacks than they ever were, this due to the  climate in America today. And while that is the case,there is a great deal of acceptance of different races and cultures. The racism and prejudice is hidden well. Still, racism  seeps out in different forms and certainly, in an arrangement where one is living with another, race becomes an issue. Race was an issue in Big Brother, the 2000 television  show that provided a sterile environment for which to view interactions between real people. While two black people were included, one turned out to be a member of the New  Black Panther Party, whose leader is the controversial Khalid Abdul Muhammad (Tucker 64). CBS missed that. Race became a significant theme as before being ousted, Will Mega found comfort by  speaking with the other black member, Cassandra. Even she, the cool-headed United Nations worker, found that she could not completely express herself to the white house guests. They just would  not understand. That was television, but it was not fiction. Still, in looking at less prominent individuals, a student may want to utilize a case study involving ordinary people.  II. Case Study A student wanting to write a follow up to an initial assignment containing a case study will want to reiterate points made initially.  The encounter that was the subject of the first report, which now becomes the case study, involves a male white Moslem who roomed with a black African who was a 

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