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    Case study: Sam

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    Analysis of a case study concerning mental health and substance abuse issues in young people, from the community health worker's perspective. Bibliography lists 2 sources

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    not only with regard to the relationship between Sam and his mother but also in terms of the duties and responsibilities of health care and social services to their clients.  For example, as Sam is nineteen years old he is, legally not a minor and therefore legislation relating specifically to children would not be applicable. Even though there is statutory  provision for young people which might be relevant if, for instance, Sam was homeless, most of these provisions will not be appropriate for a young person who is still living  in the family home.  One would also have to consider the issue of client autonomy: the Mental Health Act, for example, relies very strongly on avoiding residential care where possible, maintaining the family unit,  and encouraging self-help with support from community health workers. However, it should also be noted that current practice with regard to health promotion focuses on preventative care, on assessing potentially  detrimental situations at an early stage, and making sure that support and treatment is available as soon as it becomes clear it is necessary.  From this perspective, we can see  that Sams mother is acting correctly in seeking professional advice regarding her sons behaviour: getting help at an early stage, should there be a genuine problem regarding either mental health  problems or substance abuse, is recommended by current health promotion policies. One does, however, also have to consider whether or not Sams mother is indeed acting sensibly, or over-reacting to 

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