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    Changes in River Temperature

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    In six pages this paper discusses the impact of changes in river temperature on sea life. Sixteen sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    what is not so obvious are the precise reasons for the rise and fall of water temperature. The effects of differing river temperature regimes are varied as the influence  of factors like altitude, drainage area, discharge, latitude and longitude come into play. What are the most significant factors in changes in water temperature and how do they affect changes  in temperature across the United States? In embarking on this subject, broader theory in respect to environment are relevant. It should be noted that scientists assume that when average global  temperature is accelerated due to a buildup of "green-house" gases, there is ordinarily an accompanying swelling of the oceans due to a melting of polar ice sheets as well  as glaciers (Maranto, 1991). This prompts the waters physical expansion as it warms and prognosticators also say that sea level could increase approximately two feet over the next 100 years  (1991). This could flood port cities throughout the world and inundate millions of acres of coastal lowlands (1991). The phenomenon also results in greater absorption of outgoing infrared radiation, and  an elevation in temperature, something also known as "radiative forcing (Burns, 2001). While such a phenomenon is not directly applicable to river temperatures, it is a phenomenon that  is relevant to air and water temperatures throughout the world. Temperature variations, the formation of glaciers, and slow changes over time all add relevant information in the scheme of things,  something that has been demonstrated, in part, through an investigation by Lea, Pak & Spero (2000). Run off and other variables are extremely important to the discussion. A first in  regard to the mean annual cycle of regional water and energy budgets in the Mississippi River basin has also been studied (Kanamaru et. al. 1999). The study 

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