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    Children in Institutional Care and Abuse Vulnerability Factors

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    In ten pages this paper examines why children who are in institutional care might be vulnerable to abuse and the factors responsible for this vulnerability. Nine sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Although laws have been passed pertaining to health reform in this area, the extent to which this abuse occurs is sometimes not reported, particularly when such behavior goes on  behind the scenes. Indeed, it often goes unnoticed inasmuch as the children themselves are often unable to report what is being done to them.  Whenever abuse in institutional facilities becomes an issue, people take notice. It is unfortunate that public effort to correct this ongoing situation will most likely not be  enough to withstand the fight, because most public organizations do not have the resources with which to combat this problem. In light of the tremendous emotional influence caretakers have  over their juvenile charges, it can be argued that this particular field holds a great deal more ethical conscience than any other. Often vulnerable and afraid, institutionalized children are  not able to protect themselves against abuse; because of such unprotected vulnerability, unethical caretakers can cause a great deal of harm to both the child and the childs family.  "In recent years, extensive sexual abuse of children in residential institutions has been uncovered in many countries. In addition, organized sexual abuse of children - frequently using children in  private or state-run residential institutions - has been exposed, revealing networks of paedophiles" (Sexual Exploitation). I. STATING THE PROBLEM The inherent power  that comes with taking care of children in an institutional setting is at the very crux of ethical issues. Because the caretaker maintains control over the childs very existence,  too much faith is placed in the hands of one who may not have necessarily earned such a distinction. The psychological pain these children feel completely clouds their ability 

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