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    Colonies of Early America

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    In a paper consisting of 5 pages the colonies of early America are examined in terms of their diversity and the contributing factors of socioeconomics. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Compiled for Enterprise Inc By - 8-Jan-13 To Use This Report Correctly, Please     There are a number of significant differences between  the various colonies which were founded in the United States in the early years of exploration in the New World, in terms of their origins and development during the sixteenth,  seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. For example, the plantation colonies of the deep South differed economically, politically and socially from those in the northern regions. The plantation system had originated in  the Caribbean in the seventeenth century and one of the main reasons for its importance in America was that the Caribbean plantation owners sold huge numbers of slaves to American  colonists after their own plantation economy foundered. Without the labour pool provided by the  slaves, it would have been impossible to maintain the plantations, which were heavily labour-intensive. Apart from the fact that the slave-owning population of the region was not large, there were  a number of health risks associated with plantation agriculture which made it far more productive and profitable for plantation owners to exploit slaves (who were something of a disposable commodity)  than to attempt to undertake the work themselves. The slave communities were also self-maintaining and self-supporting to a great extent, which again had economic benefits for the plantation owners. 

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