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    Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody

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    In a paper consisting of five pages the evolution and consequences of the civil rights' movement are examined within the context of Moody's autobiographical experiences and attitudes regarding social relations, gender, and race. There are no other sources listed.

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    in todays world; however, as much as humanity has moved away from racism, there have been just as many issues that have stalled its enlightenment. Anne Moodys Coming of  Age in Mississippi effectively addresses this notion as it relates to racial alliance and attitudes in post World War II America. Indeed, the authors life story - both her  experiences and evolving thinking on race, gender and social relations - clearly demonstrates the origins, evolution and social/political consequences of the Civil Rights Movement through her own personal struggle for  identity. It was in 1962 that author James Silver characterized Mississippi as being a closed society. There was no toleration for any  dissent of the racial norms, and yet by that time Moody and others like her had already begun to crack it. By reading Coming of Age in Mississippi, it  is apparent that at the crux of the civil rights movement were actually young people like Moody who sustained racial intolerance in Mississippi. Moody writes that living in Mississippi  was "where they knew, as I knew, the price you pay daily for being black" (Moody PG). In this tense and very realistic book, Moody describes to the reader  a society that is unlike anything most people have ever experienced. It is true that society has been struggling to overcome centuries of racism, racial conflicts and racial polarization,  with virtually no segment of society that is not affected by racial stereotypes. From school children to the workplace, from the entertainment industry to the sports world, racial stereotypes  are an integral part of societys framework. As the reader learns from Moodys personal experiences, one of the most important ideas to understand and accept - as well as 

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