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    Commerce and Women

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    In five pages this commerce paper examines the growing numbers of women starting their own business enterprises. Six sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    combination of opportunities and hindrances inherent to the quest to hold a place in business enterprise. From reaching the apex of corporate rank to feeling the constraint of the  glass ceiling, women continue to reap the benefits and fight the gender battles directly related to commerce. There is no question that "men  still vastly outnumber women in the upper echelons of corporate power" (Maley, 1997, p. 52); however, women mark a modification in the manner of thinking that has presided over the  workplace since the nineteenth century. Indeed, womens business contributions are finally being recognized for their inherent worth, a transformation that has been a gradual yet steady occurrence for quite  some time now, with women becoming responsible for billion dollar companies and tens of thousands of employees. Sheelagh Whittaker, Diane McGarry and Maureen Kempston Darkes are representative of how  far women have come in their struggles to overcome male oppression in the workplace. As president and chief executive officer of EDS Canada Ltd., chairwoman, CEO and president of  Xerox Canada Inc. and president and general manager of General Motors of Canada Ltd., respectively, these three women have most definitely broken the mold of ancient stereotypes. These names  represent only a handful of the successful women who have been able to break through the seemingly impenetrable wall of professional status (Maley, 1997). "Over the last 75 years,  the workplace has changed more than anyone could have ever imagined. The clicking and clacking of mechanical adding machines and typewriters has been silenced by the whir of networked  PCs. The faint rumblings of industrial psychology have been eclipsed by todays sophisticated human resources departments. All while the male-dominated world of management has been replaced by a 

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