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    Comparative Analysis of Buddhism

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    In a paper consisting of four pages Buddhism is compared with other relations with personal spiritual development the primary emphasis. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    being who is superior to human beings, and to whose characteristics humans are meant to constantly aspire, even though, being human, they will inevitably fail. Instead, Rahula notes that the  supreme being, if there can be said to be such a thing, is the human being themselves, in the sense that humans can through training and discipline achieve nirvana, which  is unity with all, and lose the false construct which is described as self. Other faiths regard the self as something which is inextricably linked with the soul, and which  continues to exist as a separate entity whether one is alive or dead: the essential part of ones being which "you" regard as "you" is a constant and unchanging element.  In some religions this unchanging element goes from one life to another and learns particular lessons in each one, until eventually the individual is so perfect that they no longer  need to continue in human incarnations. In other faiths, there is only one life and the individual is judged on their behaviour in that life as to whether they are  rewarded or punished after death. Buddhism, however, teaches that there is no  Self, in the sense that the term is usually understood, but that everything we are is made up of constructs of reality, interwoven in a way which allows us to  regard them as parts of our own individuality. In many ways, this has a lot in common with modern thinking regarding psychotherapy: the western psychologist will try and help the  client to rid themselves of negative parts of their personality, such as neuroses, in order to find the genuine inner self which has been hidden and distorted by these negative 

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