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    Comparative Analysis of Richard Wright's Native Son and Black Boy and Anne Moody's Coming of Age in Mississippi

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    This paper contrasts and compares these African American texts regarding social hostility and establishing identity in ten pages. Two other sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    ethnicity, has caused many individuals a great deal of suffering and pain. Trying to discover some identity that is positive and which encourages growth has, at the very least, proven  to be incredibly difficult for some. However, through their search for identity, a positive identity, many have come out as powerful figures which encourage such development in others. Two such  individuals are Anne Moody and Richard Wright. In the following paper we examine their works and discuss the characters search for identity in a hostile society. The paper examines Anne  Moodys "Coming of Age in Mississippi" and Richard Wrights "Black Boy" and "Native Son." Coming of Age in Mississippi "Annes popular autobiography Coming of Age in Mississippi is  set in her hometown of Centerville, Mississippi. Anne tells the story of her struggles and triumphs in this rural Mississippi town" (Starks et al. Moody.html#rev1). She presents us with personal  examinations of racism from a childs perspective, and thus illustrates the most simple and pure perceptions of such racism which would eventually lead her through many different searches for identity.  Aside from racism, however, she was also a child who had to endure incredible poverty, struggling against hunger in many instances. "The main character, Anne Moody, always sought  a purpose for her life, while she struggled through lifes hardships. The autobiography begins when Anne is four years old and portrays her life up to age twenty-four at the  end of the book" (Starks et al. Moody.html#rev1). And, throughout all of her struggles one of the realities which helped her to focus and remain consistent in searching for an  identity was her faith in God. With her faith she "held her head high through her youthful trials and struggles. Anne Moody was a very private individual, keeping her emotions 

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