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    Comparison of U.S. Boarding Schools and Local Schools of Hong Kong

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    In six pages this paper compares the U.S. boarding schools to the local schools of Hong Kong in terms of academic success and system operations. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    boarding schools provide a more finely tuned education that cannot rival some of the limitations placed upon Asian academics. Indeed, both systems produce well-educated students, however, there also exist  inherent failing points to any seemingly perfect situation. Academics in Hong Kong share a similarity to other Asian countries with respect to their  passion for learning. The social implications of such academic wisdom are, indeed, a major component of Hong Kongs educational system, clearly illustrating how education and culture are very closely  linked. The goal today is to modernize, to progress like never before; in order to accomplish this and keep it going for the long term, children must be given  the best education possible. "Hong Kong is probably the easiest place in the world to structure an education for children that combines the Western and Chinese cultures" (Primary and  Secondary Schooling). Parents understand and fully support this change, and have even foregone the traditional submissive roles children have long adopted. From  the very first day of school, children who attend local schools in Hong Kong are groomed for their ultimate vocational aspirations, which is at the forefront of the learning curricula  even at the preschool and elementary levels. Because household children often subsidize the family income, they must learn a tangible trade at an early age. Indeed, the very  backbone of this society is its economic development, which starts with the children. Local schools are literally training grounds for future business opportunities, in that they give children the  chance to make a better go of it than their parents before them. Contemporary Hong Kong students represent the key to prosperity for both themselves and their families (Primary 

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