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    Compulsory Voting in Australia

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    This 6 page paper provides an overview of compulsory voting in Australia, inclusive of statistics and comparisons with other nations. The subject of compulsory voting is discussed. A thesis is presented along with a research proposal. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    to voter apathy. However, opponents of the law felt that making voting mandatory was something that undermined democracy. While the legislation has been in effect for quite some time--and  has some support--the thesis of this paper is that given the opportunity, citizens of Australia would choose to make voting a right and a privilege as opposed to a duty.  On the side of compulsory voting, it does create a situation where the people do provide input into the running of the government. Further, if everyone has to vote, no  special interest group can out-organize the general publics position (Wolpe, 1998). As horrible as compulsory voting sounds to those in some other countries, to Australians who see it working, and  to those who do not have the luxury of being able to vote, the mandatory nature of the practice may not seem so bad. On the other hand, government is  forcing people to participate in something that should be a right, not a responsibility. In fact, while in the United States, for example, people are urged to vote, there are  groups who feel that only those who are educated in politics should vote. Otherwise, people who show no interest in government will just be pulling levers and they really do  not know the candidates nor how they feel about a particular issue. Votes derived from some citizens may not be as desirable as those gotten from more knowledgeable people. Thus,  there are valid arguments on both sides of this controversial issue. 2.0 Research Methodology A student writing on this subject will want to prove the thesis by  taking a survey of Australian citizens. They may do this by polling, or calling people, and asking them a few simple questions. A researcher might call phone numbers at random 

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