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    Computer Games and Gender Prejudice

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    In fifteen pages this paper considers computer games and the portrayal of female characters in this discussion of gender prejudice. Fourteen sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    While society is striving to bring about equality among the sexes we find that computer games are doing more harm than good in the way of gender bias.  This paper shows that computer games are back in the Middle Ages when it comes to the female characters depicted in computer games. In todays society there is  a concept of social constructionism that dictates to us that gender is the result of socio/cultural precepts rather than being simply biologically determined. Add to this the maternal and  paternal expectations placed upon genders in childhood, and this leads into gender stereotyping which further tends to dictate our behaviors and perceptions. Genders tend to automatically follow into their  respective gender roles that they have been assigned throughout childhood, which means they perform or act according to the expectations of their gender. To have computer games buy into  this gender stereotyping only serves to make it that much harder for society to correct the behaviors and perceptions. GENDER BIAS VISIBLE IN COMPUTER GAMES Among the myriad differences  between men and women is the manner in which they speak. The variations that exist within gender language are sometimes quite conspicuous, while at other times remain quite subtle;  however, one thing is certain: the formation of these variations originates early in childhood with parents the primary factor behind these learned contrarieties. Indeed, to listen to a group  of women talk when compared to that of a group of men, there are obvious differences in the choice of words, the inflection and often the meaning. This is  carried on throughout many computer games today. Without realizing it, parents verbally address their male children differently than they do their female counterparts, which serves to establish a significant disparity 

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