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    Constructivist and Direct Perception Theories

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    In five pages the differences and similarities between constructivist and direct perception theories are discussed in order to determine if one presents a more superior hypothesis to the other. Seven sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    In many instances the aim of a study has been to investigate and subsequently prove, rather than disprove, the subject matter. Due to this aim we then have to argue  that in all articles there will be some level of bias present, regardless of if whether the author is conscious of this or it is a subconscious factor. The  researcher cannot help to biased, but the degree will vary, as will the number and type of measures that were introduced into the study in order to accurately study the  results, which may also be seen as constraining the levels of bias seen. If a student or reader wishes to learn from  a study they need not only read it an understand the content, they will need to be able to apply the knowledge, for this they will need to place it  into a wider context. This is one that will recognise the bias as well as potential weaknesses or strength both in the way the report has been put together and  in the underlying study that resulted in this. Here there is the need for the understanding of perception, both of the author, and also self perception.  Theories of perception have caused many debates over the decades, included in these theories are the direct and the constructive approach to perception. Perception has many  forms that have become of an important issue, they contain movement, space coupled with the magical ideals of perception itself (Lucas, 2002). The  art of cognitive science and perception has developed at a rapid rate, with the continuing explosion of new forms of knowledge especially those from empirical thoughts it is understandable that 

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